Rules are put in place to ensure consistency and fairness so we can relax and have some fun!  We play by WSOP rules.

Pace of Play – Punctuality is much appreciated.  If you are running late, but plan to play, please contact the Tournament Director prior to the third blind level.  No player will be allowed to enter the game after the third blind change.

Please be respectful of playing time/decision-making time; we would like to keep the tournament moving.  If the TD is made aware of slow play, due to distraction or absence, a verbal warning will be issued.  If a player continues to be disrespectful of fellow player’s time, the TD holds the authority to remove the players chips.

The dealer of the hand is responsible for ensuring proper betting, calling, giving change, and chopping the pot.  If any player questions the dealer’s actions, the TD will have final authority.

Blinds – Blind levels will be approximately 15 minutes and the Tournament Director (TD) will give a 1-2 hand notice before the next level.  Blinds should be posted prior to the hand being dealt. 

If the player in the big blind position is eliminated, the person to their left will post big blind and there will not be a small blind for that hand.  If the player in the small blind position is eliminated, the blinds will move to the left as usual, but the dealer will deal again.

             The lowest denomination of chip in play will be removed from the table when it is no longer needed due to blind structure.  All lower-denomination chips that are of sufficient quantity for a new chip will be changed up.

Seating – A maximum of 9 players will sit at each table.  The TD will assign players to a table to ensure even distribution and the players will draw cards for position.  At the beginning of the tournament round, eight cards (Ace through 8) will be face down on each table.  Players will draw a card from their assigned table to determine seating.  The player who draws the Ace will be small blind, the player who draws the 2 will be big blind, and the player who draws the 8 will be the dealer.  Once the round has begun, changing seats is not allowed unless dictated by the TD.

             When players are condensed to the final table, players will redraw to determine which player will be the dealer.  The cards will be spread out face down and each player will draw a card.  The player with the highest card (Ace being highest) will be the dealer.  If two players draw identical high cards, they will redraw until one player draws a higher card.

Betting– Verbal declarations, in turn, regarding wagers are binding.  Players must always act in turn.  Action out of turn will be binding if the action to that player has not changed.  All raises must be announced, or the dealer will assume the player only calls.  Straddling is not allowed.  Dealer is responsible for giving change to each player actively involved in the hand once all betting has taken place.  Players should not take their own change.

Table Talk – Players are discouraged from disclosing contents of live or folded hands, offering advise or criticizing play at any time, reading a hand that hasn’t been tabled, or discussing strategy with an outside source.

Moving Players – When the number of players differs by two or more between the tables, a player from the highest populated table, will be selected to move to the least populated table and must sit in the eliminated players seat, regardless of position.  The move must be made before the next hand is dealt.  If a player is moved into the small blind position, they must sit out until the deal has passed them.

Absent Players – An absent player will always be dealt a hand and is put up for their blinds. If the button moves around the table once and the player is still absent, their chips will be removed from play and the player will not be eligible to return until the next tournament round.

The Tournament Director – The TD is responsible for all table, seating, and dealer decisions.  The TD is responsible for handling the blind clock and chip ups, but may delegate this task to any dealer/player at his/her discretion.  In the case of disputes and rule interpretations, the TD will have final authority.  Players must respect all FHL equipment and venues.  Any player who acts inappropriately or deliberately damages property will be suspended or banned, at a length of time determined by the league owners.

Winnings – Each round will be played until only one person remains or until the final two players make a mutual decision to split the prize.  No player is obligated to split the prize.  Prizes will be awarded immediately once the round is over, by the venue or TD.

                    If two tournament rounds are scheduled, only players who played both rounds will be eligible for the top prize for the second round.  If the player who wins the second round did not participate in the first round, that player is only eligible for half of the top prize.  The remaining half of the top prize will be added on to the top prize for the second round the following week.  If the final two players make a mutual decision to split the winnings, any player who only played the second round can only win up to half of the top prize.

All-ins – If a player is all-in and reveals their cards prematurely during live play, their cards will remain live and exposed until the winner of the hand is determined.

Exposed & Mucked Cards – If a player reveals one or both of their cards during live play, the card(s) will remain live and exposed until the winner of the hand is determined.  Once a player folds their cards, the cards must be pushed towards the dealer.  The dealer will manage the mucked pile and no cards should be pulled back out during live play.

             If the first card dealt to the small or big blind is exposed, it will be declared a misdeal.  If a card is exposed during the deal, other than to the small or big blind positions, that card will be announced to the table as the first burn card.  If two cards are exposed during the deal, it will be declared a misdeal.

Card & Chip Visibility – All players must protect their cards and chips at all times.  All cards and chips must also be visible to all players at the table.

End of Play – Once a player has lost all of his/her chips, they will not be eligible to re-enter until the next round; there are no re-buys.


**Incentives will be provided to players who support the venues by purchasing food and drinks.